Neighborly Visits

Sometimes, people invite me over to their space and I always love that!

I had the sweetest time with Bruna at Bees With Honey for her
 Let's BEE Friends meme!
It was so fun to be a guest with Bruna.

Go check out my interview and buddy up with her for some great ideas for family fun!

Let's BEE FriendsBees With Honey

There is also a chance that Carri at Mommy's Little Monster Blake may have featured a little story I wrote about NOT talking about my lady bits.

The Vagina Dialogues is pretty funny... just sayin'...

Brandi  (aka The Dysfunctional Supermom) actually claimed to know me 
even after I wrote The Legend of The KangaMelf complete WITH this fabulous drawing!

Greta over at Not Enough Patience and Never Enough Jewelry invited me to share my thoughts for her Great Expectations series. I talked a bunch about what it's like to be a Reservist's wife and how that part of my life is much different than I originally thought it would be.

Amy the Coffee Lovin Mom featured me and asked me some hard hitting questions. She got me talking about the time my parents pulled over to a brothel for an emergency bathroom break on a family road trip AND the time we stopped in Kansas to feed a 6 legged cow and a bunch of prairie dogs! She also brought up our mutual love for TMBG and our totally fabulous idea to market Bedazzled Shake Weights to the elderly. You should DEFINITELY go check that one out!