Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Funday #21

Things around here are about to get really busy! Baseball/softball season starts in a couple weeks and so, our family will be spending a LOT of time outside! Even though juggling four different teams can be a challenge sometimes, you can bet that I WON'T really be missing housework. Yeah, laundry might pile up but, when does it NOT?! No one will die if dishes sit in the sink for a few more hours because our family is out in the sunshine cheering for each other. The RiceCakes will remember the fun they had playing ball with their buddies this season AND that their parents were there as often as physically possible. They won't remember that I didn't mop... or that bathrooms weren't sparkling. The season is really only about 12 weeks long... the time we'll spend as a family is more important than the stuff that won't get done during that time. Besides, all that vitamin D from the sun and endorphins from running around make me happy! Happy Mamas don't care if their house is spotless! (at least for a season. Let's not get Hoarder-ish ok?)

What've you got coming up this spring? Is your family going to be doing anything new? Got anything major to juggle while school is wrapping up? Tell me about it and link up for Sunday Funday!!!

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