Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sunday Funday #19

Time to link up for Sunday Funday! Hooray!

This week has been really busy at my house. SO BUSY that I've hardly had time to write at all! Between Joshy's birthday, teaching chess, music lessons for 3 out of 4 RiceCakes, and having the floor torn out of all of the downstairs of my house... right now is the first chance I've had to be still!

PS... HOW the heck can it possibly be FEBRUARY?! Wasn't it JUST Christmas? What the heck!?!

OK... I wanna know what's going on in your world so... LINK UP!

You know the drill...

No giveaway links ups!
Stick the Sunday Funday button in your post.
Catpcha makes me stabby!
Tweet your links!
Comment... comment... comment!

But MOSTLY, just have fun hopping around to everyone's blogs and getting a glimpse of their world!! I hope that you've had a great week! Thanks for joining me for Sunday Funday!


  1. I wasn't online much this week either due to health. I only did to very simple little post. I'm with you how is it Feb? Jan went by way to quick.

    1. Time flies! I never realized how true that was until I became a parent!! ha ha!


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