Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Littlest RiceCake Turned 6!

We love birthdays at our house. We don't usually have huge parties but, we love to celebrate with our closest buddies. Joshua's birthday last week was no exception!

Things have been crazy around here lately! Dave went to a 2 week Water Well Drilling School with the Air Force. We've been battling our home builder over a mold problem under the vinyl flooring in our house due to their negligence for the last year. Currently, all of the flooring in my kitchen, utility room, and 2 downstairs bathrooms has been torn out and I'm going slightly nuts over how much still needs to be torn out in order for us to install new flooring. Between all that, all the regular stuff (school projects for the 3 biggest RiceCakes, music lessons for those same 3 kiddos, teaching chess 2 days a week, volunteering at AWANA one evening a week, and keeping up with Dave's ever-changing railroad schedule!), and a handful of major trips to plan for later in the year... Joshy's birthday sort of snuck up on us!

Seriously... wasn't it JUST Christmas?! HOW is it February already?!

We threw a little party at the park the weekend before his actual birthday and invited some buddies to hang out with us. Joshy LOVES Cars 2 so, that was the "theme" for his party. Publix made a totally fabulous cake!
This sucker tasted even better than it looked!

The kid had a blast! His buddies gave him some Captain America dress up stuff that blew his mind. Joshy LOVES super heroes. He cannot wait for The Avengers movie to come out in May. The Captain America gear was perfect for him! He was SO EXCITED that he actually slept in the helmet for 3 days after that!

He IS Captain America!

We celebrated at home on his actual birthday. He asked for a yellow cake with lemon icing because he totally hates chocolate. While that makes me question whether he's actually MY kid... since I dig lemon icing, I cut him slack.

While the other RiceCakes love having complicated cakes, usually involving Teddy Grahams "dressed up" in crazy outfits. (Remember the Teddy Graham baseball players? And the hula dancers? And the scuba divers with mermaids?) Joshua has his own preference. It doesn't matter what the other kids like, HE wants the same thing every year. A rectangle shaped cake with sprinkles that HE PUTS ON and a Monster Truck to drive through the icing on top. So...
Joshy's idea of the best cake ever!

It's the simple things in life right?

But still... I can't quite fathom how SIX YEARS have passed since I was looking at this chubby little nugget of a face!
2 month old Joshy loved taking naps!
6 year old Joshy does NOT!

Let's BEE Friends


  1. I met you a few days after Joshy was born and you and your crazy self came to Beth Moore Bible Study after just giving birth that same week. I love you and your crazy ways!

    1. Awww Kristin... getting out of the house keeps new Moms sane! ha ha! That was the only place I went beyond the grocery store! ... and possibly the only day I was guaranteed a shower!

  2. Replies
    1. He said that he had the "best one EVORE!!!" :)

  3. It goes soooooo fast! We've got a sixth birthday coming up this spring (one she reminds me of at least every other day!) and I think you celebrate in a great way. We do low key family parties too. Sometimes there's a kid or two there, sometimes it's just us, a couple Aunties & one Uncle (some of my Four brother can never make it due to coaching Track & Field), and maybe a grandparent or two. But, the parties are full of fun and best part? The grownups get a grownup party after the kidlets go to sleep. Guess what the grownups do for their grownup party?? Play MarioKart! lol That is one cool cake your Joshy has his Mama make (& Publix is cool too). Love his happiness in simple pleasures! :> Happy Birthday, Joshy! :>

    1. MarioKart!!! That's a party! We tend to play the Lego games... the kids get ticked when the grown ups beat those games before THEY do! ha ha! Wii for the WIN!

  4. Cute post. Love the birthday cakes and the photos. Little guy Josh sleeping - soo sweet!


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