Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Funday #15

It's Sunday again and that means it's time for another #SundayFunday link up! This is a great opportunity to link up a post from the past week that maybe didn't get as much attention as you wish it would've.

Remember the rules!

#1 Grab the Sunday Funday button from the sidebar and place it in your linked up post!

#2 Please don't link up any giveaways AND please turn off your captcha!

#3 Please go visit the other links AND leave lots of comment love!

#4 Tweet that you linked up with me (@MamaRiceCake) using the #SundayFunday hashtag! (If you're not on that crazy tweeter thing that the kids all have these days, don't sweat it!)

Can't wait to see all the great stuff that you guys link up! 


  1. Can't believe we only have one week until Christmas will be here. Where has this month gone? Are you ready?

  2. @Amber... we're pretty darn close to being ready. Really just only a few things (stocking stuffers) to pick up... and a box or two coming from out of town relatives to wrap. Other than that, we're good to go! How 'bout your crew?!

  3. Tweeted...hopefully that'll bring a few more blogs around!

  4. @My Mercurial Nature... Danke! :) It's always fun when we get a buncha people hanging out with us!


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