Monday, November 21, 2011

The RiceCakes are Talkin' Turkey!

Hey! I'm linking up with the girls over at VlogTalk this week for their special holiday linky #KidsTalkinTurkey!

The RiceCakes are super excited to have time off from school this week!

They're also really excited about THE FOOD! ... and a certain Friday afternoon football game...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!


Vlog Talk


  1. Joshy's got some SERIOUS moves!! And I love a boy who loves some pumpkin pie.

    Thanks for joining in #KidsTalkinTurkey!

  2. Cuz it's pie...duh! Abi and my oldest need to get together. They could have an eating contest on Thanksgiving.

    Joshy dancing in the background was hilarious.

    Thanks for joining us.

  3. WPS Too!!! We loved seeing and hearing the kids!

  4. @Liz... Joshy is the booty shaker of the family! That kids is constantly dancing... no joke. It's prolly how he's got a 6 pack and I don't! ha ha!
    And Jack... LIVES for the pie at Thanksgiving. It's his absolute favorite!

    @Jessica... I would totally be down for a small girl eating contest! I can't believe how much Abi can pack away in that tiny belly!
    Joshy... is crazy. He gets it from Dave! ha ha!

    @Betsy... Have a wonderful Thanksgiving at Grammy's house! Love you guys! oxo

  5. I really like this. After watching it I'm seriously debating having my kids do one. :) Debating being the key word. ;)

  6. I like the reasoning for pumpkin pie. Joshy & his video bombing is hilarious!

  7. Love the dancing and the ninja action in the background!!

  8. @Amber... DO IT! It's so fun!

    @Elena... Jack's one smart cookie. ;) And Joshy will probably grow up to be a comedian. That kid is a riot!

    @Leighann... Thanks sweets! Joshy's here for the PARTAY! ;)

  9. Love it! They are so cute! I had to link up for this one, my kids loved every second on camera too

  10. I loved watching this, your kids are hilarious!

  11. I LOVE all of the silliness! Seriously so much fun!

    Happy Thanksgiving {and yum! Pie! :) }

  12. I have never laughed so much and so hard watching a vlog. Your kids are super cute and your youngest won my heart. Hilarious! Love him :)

  13. @Coffee Lovin' Mom... they're such hams! I love it!

    @Mirjam... Thanks so much!

    @Galit Breen... Thank you! I always love your vlogs too!

    @Bruna... I'm so glad that someone else thought it was funny! ha ha! I was a little worried that I would be the only one laughing... because they're MINE! ha ha! Joshy is a total goofball. I think that there must be wrong with people who don't think he's funny. ;) Thanks for stopping by! oxo


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