Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Random Stuff I've Done

A couple weeks ago, Mama Kat's writers workshop prompts included making a list of 22 Things You've Done. I meant to get in on the listing action then but, life happened so, I didn't end up writing it in time to meet the deadline. But that doesn't mean I can't list a bunch of random stuff I've done now right?!

Of course not!

So here ya go! 22 Things Random Things...

1. I took French for 7 years. I tested out of 4 semesters of foreign language in college but, I took it for another 3 years anyway. I had enough credits to minor in French.

2. I turned down a full ride to Loyola University in New Orleans AFTER I auditioned for their Theater Dept and won another scholarship to would've covered all my books. At the time, I was so stressed out by school and life that I was literally losing my mind.

3. I was holding my favorite Grampa's hand when he died after being in a coma for 9 days. I was 18 at the time and it remains one of the most remarkable moments of my life. I still miss him terribly.

4. I eloped in Las Vegas with the love of my life when I was 20 years old. Only one of my friends was in attendance. (I love you Megan.) People think that Dave talked me into eloping, but he didn't. I am NOT a big white dress kind of girl. And Dave HATES being in front of large groups of people. We both hate to spend money. Vegas was perfect in my book... and I'd do it again.

5. I have lived in 17 different houses, in 6 different states. I'm a great packer but, I hate to do it.

6. I ran on my high school's cross country team and really sucked. I ran on my track team and had ONE good race. I loved to run but, I hated racing. "Oh you want to pass me? Here I'll move over and slow down so you can. I'm not in a hurry." I'm pretty sure people thought I was an idiot. I only started enjoying track & field when they started letting me throw things. I have won trophies throwing shot put and discus but, more importantly, I'm still friends with the girls I threw with. Those are some amazing ladies!

7. I lost someone I loved to suicide and recovering from that event was one of the most difficult journeys I've ever taken.

8. I buy stocking stuffers at Christmas in my Grampa's old shirt. It sounds silly but, he always filled our stockings with the most random stuff when we were together at Christmas. So, now... when I go buy stuff to fill my kids' stockings, I wear that shirt to remind me of him. I hate that he didn't get to meet Dave or my kids but, I like to think that he's laughing when they dig thru their stockings on Christmas morning.

9. I bought the coolest pair of shoes I own at Target, in the Garden section. They were on clearance for $3.
Seriously... I love these shoes!

10. I once went sailing, with an older kid, in a Sunfish (a 2 man sailboat) when I was 6 years and it tipped over. I had on a life jacket but, a HUGE fish (that I couldn't see, even though I was only 43.5 feet tall, because the water was murky) swam under me and ran its dorsal fin all along the bottom of my feet. I lost it. To this day, I will not swim in water when I can't see the bottom. I don't care how illogical that sounds.

11. My family owns a winery in Arkansas and the vineyards are one of the most beautiful places on earth. It's over 100 years old and my Grampa and his siblings were born there. Lots of family members have been married there. It's awesome to have a tangible place so full of family history.

12. I owned my first car when I was pregnant with my first son, at age 21. Dave and I bought our first house about a month later.

13. When I was 10, I was one of the fastest freestyle swimmers in Los Angeles County. I got invited to a competition at the 1984 Olympic Pool in 1990. That's the largest venue I've ever competed in ANYTHING in... the crowd was mind-blowing. My Dad took me to the event and it was one of the best days I've ever spent with him.
This is my claim to fame.
Well this AND the fact that I'm only 2 degrees from Kevin Bacon.

14. I've been so depressed that I attempted suicide. At some point, I'll tell you the whole story but, for now, just know that it's an absolute miracle that I'm alive. Since then, I've regarded time as a gift. I try to use it wisely. It's possible to be on the edge of insanity and find your way back. There, but for the grace of God, go I.

15. I love it when my kids have days off from school. I miss hearing them laugh when they're away for the day. Sometimes, I get more done when they're occupied and out of the house but, I prefer to have them hanging around. They're the funniest people I know and they make my heart happy.
I did NOT make them post like this.
They're such little goofballs that they did it themselves!
16. I love to play games. Word games... board games... puzzles... card games... I don't care. I love to hang out with people and play. I think people are more open, share their heart, and tell more interesting stories when they're doing something else at the same time. Kids are more likely to talk about their day when you're sitting down and playing a game with them. That's another thing that I get from my Grammy... after my love for her bourbon slushies!

17. I think artichokes are the best pizza topping ever. I like to order it so I don't have to share with the non-artichoke lovers in my family.

18. I took a year off, after high school, and got a full time job working at a pharmaceutical lab. It was the best year of my life (up to that point) right after the worst year of my life. My friend Chris did my heart the most good by cracking me up daily at work... usually by doing an impression of the Backstreet Boys' stupid chair dance. Never believe anyone that says nerdy scientists don't have a sense of humor.

19. My first tax-paying/ get an actual paycheck (IE. not babysitting) job was teaching art at my school's summer day camp... I was 11. I loved it.

20. My first serious job was working at a florist. I loved the women that I worked with so much. My neighbor Rhonda, got me the job (she worked there too) after my junior year in high school. Last year, she lost her battle with breast cancer after a long LONG fight. I was devastated.

21. Dave proposed to me in a place where I'd bargained with God about marriage as a kid. As in, "God I'll know this is the person you want me to marry, if they ask me to marry them RIGHT HERE." I'd completely forgot about our deal... until he showed me the ring. Then I cried... not because Dave loved me, but because God did. He remembered the prayer of a 10 year old.

22. My brothers are two of my most favorite people because they're both hysterically funny, but I learned not to cross Danny because he'll lock you out of the house... naked. He's a badass like that.


  1. So freaky about your engagement story...love your list!

  2. I love this list of yours. Such interesting facts about things you've done, some great and some experiences that were sad and difficult for you. I think it's lovely and romantic that your hubby proposed to you in the place you made an agreement with God, re: marriage. Too sweet :)

    After reading this about you, I can't help but to love you just that much more :)))))

  3. This list is wonderful. Thank you for sharing it with us. I to tried to kill myself when I was younger. When I read about others who tried and survived it makes me feel like I'm not alone. Thank you for sharing.

  4. @ Coffee Lovin' Mom... It was wild. I still get chills when I think about it. ;)

    @Bees With Honey... I just love you Bruna. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment. oxoxo

    @Amber... You're so NOT alone. That's the biggest lie we all struggle with. You're NEVER alone in whatever you experience. :)

    @Carri... ROAD TRIP!!!! ;)

  5. You are even more amazing then I already knew you were... is that even possible?! *hugs* ...and you were FAR better at throwing things then I ever was-- but the company & friendship was worth sticking around for... and the off-color raunchy high school humor didn't hurt either! :o) hehehe...

  6. Love love love this. Way too much in common. Although, Wesleyan wouldn't let me test out of 2 years of Spanish. I just had to start with Spanish 3...a class of 5 students. SUCKAGE.

    My first job? Assistant Swimming Instructor at the local college...when I was 14.

    I learned how to sail in a single sail boat on Rock Eagle Lake (4-h). I didn't have to deal with sharks swimming under me until I became a lifeguard, though. FUN TIMES.

  7. Love your list.
    I love that you have done so much and have so much life experience.
    I love that you have beaten depression.
    You are incredibly strong.

  8. It's a great list. You have done many things and moved around a lot. But I personally never would have married at such a young age, I wanted to see the world and loved my independent life too much.
    I have a similar story with the tipping boat, but it was in a lake and it was a long see weed that got tangled around my legs. It took a while until I went to this area again.

    However I definitely would love it if we had a wineyard in the family. ;-)

  9. I love that you are my real life friend and I get to experience your awesomsauce LIVE! I hate that I didn't know that you had such a low point in life that you contemplated ending it. What a loss that would have been for the world. You rock. xo


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