Friday, November 4, 2011

Nap Ninjas

At some point, after my youngest brother was born, my other brother and I decided that we weren’t going to take naps anymore. We’d let our parents tuck us in and then we’d get up and play. Lots of kids do this around that age (we were 2 and 4 at the time) but, we one upped them all. Our bedroom window faced the backyard and we lived in a single story house. I knew how to open the window and get the screen off. We’d wait until our parents left and get up, climb out our bedroom window, and play in the backyard.
As a parent, I realize how insanely dangerous such a thing was for us. I mean, we had a baby pool in the back yard. It wasn’t really deep. There was only about 18 inches of water in it but, that’s definitely enough to hurt a 2 and 4 year old without an adult around.
We would take our shorts off and wade in the water. We’d run in a circle and try to make a whirl pool. We’d catch frogs and watch them swim in the pool. When we got tired of that, we’d play on the swing set. Because my Mom sold Mary Kay, she was gone during the day much of the time. My Dad went to school at night to get his Master’s degree so, he was the one home with us for much of the time during the day and he was the one putting us down for a nap.
Once, our bedroom window slid shut behind us after we’d climbed out. We got tired of playing outside and wanted to go back in but couldn’t crawl back through the window like we’d done before! So, we opened the back gate, walked around to the front of the house and rang the doorbell.
You can imagine how much my Dad flipped out when he answered the door and opened it to find the two of us, soaked from playing in the pool, sweating like race horses from playing on the swing set, dirty as all get out when he’d though we’d been sleeping like angels for the last hour. We'd been playing so quietly, that he hadn't heard us. It was like we were kid ninjas.
If my kids did something like that, it would give me a heart attack. It’s the number one reason why I don’t want a pool in the backyard. But gosh, it sure was fun when we were kids. A couple of times, we even crawled out the window at bedtime. I can remember watching frogs swim in the pool in the moonlight. But when we rang the doorbell, the gig was up. Our parents were on to us. They caught us in the backyard at least 2 more times before we gave it up.


  1. What a cute memory! I think we all tried to get away with something growing up. This is a sweet post, thanks for sharing!

  2. I remember your pool. Was it really that shallow?
    We're house hunting right now and I was pretty sure I don't want a pool (because of the upkeep), but your story just made me definitely not want a pool. But, no wonder you all turned into swimmers!

  3. Oh my goodness! Yes, if my kidlets got out their window...even now...I'd have a heart attack! Ack! But, since you're still with us, I could enjoy the image of you and your brother playing, all sweet and innocent, having a blast. Hope you're still so close today! :>

  4. Oh yea...nap ninjas....LOVE IT!!! :>

  5. @Therobotmommy Thanks! :) It's a happy and fun memory for the part of me that isn't a parent!

    @Heather... We lived in Texas at the time. It wasn't the house we lived in where you knew us! THAT pool was a lap pool. It was 3 feet deep on one end and 8 feet deep on the other. But yeah, we always loved being in the water! ha ha!

    @Karen... Thanks. I love both of my brothers. I don't know what we'd sneak out windows NOW... ha ha... but we have a lot of fun when we're together. I don't get to see them that much since they both live in NYC and I live down here but, I love getting to hang out with them whenever I can. ;)

    I especially love the image of you watching the frogs swim in the moonlight...what an amazing experience really...freedom and safety with the ones you love...a taste of heaven with help from your guardian angels!

    When I was a kid, my room was the one by the front of the house on the first floor with the was the BOYS that used to come into MY room to sneak out and we'd run all over the neighborhood at night...can you imagine? Sometimes the neighbor kids would even join us...yep...we parents would die a thousands deaths if we had ANY idea of all that we don't know. Ain't it a good God who sees the BIG picture and works it all into our story of salvation?

    Sarah, I LOVE the way you write and the memories you share!
    Oh...and I love YOU!

  7. Thanks Begonia. I love you too!

  8. That is hilarious. I thought my kids were awful about dropping naps, but you totally have them beat. Plus, they don't play quietly at all, so that helps me know they are definitely still in the house.

  9. Things like this were safer back then... still, I can completely empathize with your dad - I would lose it, too!

  10. @Liz... Seriously, I know of older kids climbing out bedroom windows and stuff but, I've never heard of any other kids as little as we were doing it. It's NUTS!

    @Amanda... It was definitely a different time. But seriously, I feel for my Dad. That has to be the worst "What if..." moment of parenting EVER! AGH!

  11. Oh my gosh, this would freek me out if my tot was doing this, he's in that age range you guys had. We don't have a baby pool, but many places to fall off and get hurt. I'm not an angel though, I was climbing out of my bedroom window as well as a kid. But I was much older. ;-)

  12. OMG!! I am so glad that our windows are not on the main floor!
    You were a trickster!

  13. That was such a cute story, but OMG! If I would have been your dad I would have pooped my pants! It's made for some great memories though. I'm sure he laughs about it now :)

  14. This post gave me a heart attack. I don't even want to think about my kid escaping the house when I think he's sleeping.

    I'm putting alarms on the windows ASAP. Thaaaanks. ;)

    Seriously though, so sweet that you guys were such little partners in crime.


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