Friday, September 9, 2011

Not So Little Anymore

Proof that the littlest RiceCake isn't so little anymore...

He pedals his bike while STANDING UP now!!!!


We went for a walk yesterday (since it was FINALLY not 115 degrees outside!) and he eventually got tired of pedaling circles around me. :)

He took off like a shot!
"See ya Mama!"

He totally beat me to the stop sign at the end of our street!

"I totawee kicked Mama's butt!"

He DID however stop and tell me that I HAD to take a picture of these mourning doves "Cuz they eat in our backyard and they look pretty with all those poofy clouds behind 'em!"

And so I did.

"How come they can sit on those wires but I can't?"
I hate that he's getting bigger because it seems like it's flown by SO FAST! But I love that he still stops to point things out to me that I would've missed without him reminding me to slow down. And I love that his slow downs usually involve him pointing out something pretty and then saying something that makes me laugh.

I LOVE that.


  1. I 'totawee' love this! They grow soo fast. I can't get over how big mine are now. I'm going through old clothes, packing some up to keep & some for donation and while I remember them wearing the ittty bitty bits of cloth, I don't remember them growing out of them. So big, so fast, so much love. :>

  2. You are not kidding about the time flying..I keep telling my 9 year old he isn't allowed to turn 10 in January - he doesn't believe my stories anymore...sniff

  3. @Karen... I feel ya dude. I do the same thing. Abi uses some of HER baby clothes on her dolls! I can't believe she was so tiny! :) Time FLIES!

    @Coffee Lovin' Mom... I told Matthew the same thing. He turned 10 in July anyway! DANG!

  4. Ha! He looks like he's having a great time.

  5. @Carri... he loves that bike! It's got this little thing on the handle bar that makes a engine revving noise and tells "RPMs". Joshy LOVES it. Wait'll Blake gets a bike!

  6. He is ADORABLE!!! My 5 year old always pretends to be Lightning McQueen whenever he is on his bike because ""

  7. @MamaMash... He is TOTAWEE cute! :)

    @Hopes@Staying Afloat!... We were crazy about McQueen for a while too. But now, we're all about Finn McMissile!!! ha ha!

  8. Hmmm, he's a little man now and hmmm, that shows me 'Timan' needs to have a bike too. And Xmas is around the corner, right?

  9. awww, I love that kids see the most beautiful things.

    What a big boy!

  10. Looks like it might be time to take those training wheels off.


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