Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lots of UNfollowing Landed me in #Twitterjail

In an effort to declutter my Twitter feed, I thought I'd do a little clean up. You know, unfollow people that I don't interact with AND aren't following me.

It's nothing personal, clearly we're not tweeting to each other so, why just add to the feed of people I actually AM having conversations with?

My feed's a little packed anyway. Following 1000+ people, not all of whom are people I'm talking to, is kinda stupid. My bad.

So, I used a site to track who isn't following me to help with the whole process. I'm not sorting through 1000+ people by myself! That would be insane. Why do that when a computer program will kick back the names, avatars, and links to their twitter page in a matter of seconds?

There were 400+ people not following me back. Don't get me wrong... I wasn't expecting Anderson Cooper and Jimmy Fallon to actually be following me back! ha ha! There were a few people that I was surprised to see on the list. (Twitter has somehow made me magically unfollow people without my permission before... I'll cut them slack.) Mostly, I just couldn't believe how many people I'd clicked that darn "Follow" button on but, who I couldn't even remember seeing in my feed EVER!

Anyway, I started unfollowing people left and right. I figured that I was "Spring Cleaning" (or rather, Fall Cleaning!) my Twitter following... and that's gotta be a good thing. I threw a couple of tweets out in the process and suddenly found myself in #twitterjail!

I'm no newbie! I've been to #twitterjail plenty of times before... usually during #wineparty. (You get locked out of Twitter for tweeting more than 100/hour... just FYI.) I wasn't tweeting that much this morning. I was mostly just unfollowing people.

Apparently, the Twitter doesn't like that.

Apparently, UNfollowing (at least via the program I used) counts against the hourly usage limit.  (I totally didn't know that.)

So, since I'm locked out... and not doing anything else... I figured I'd pass that little tidbit on to you. Don't go unfollowing people during a time that you actually want to tweet. You'll end up in the slammer!

If you wanna follow me on The Twitter, you can find me @MamaRiceCake where I'll be happily tweeting away without a care once I bust out of The Big House!

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