Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's a Big Day at RiceCake Field!

He's played baseball for the past two Spring seasons.

We've had so much fun at the ballpark watching him (and his brothers and sister) play ball.

"More bars, more places?"

There have been ups and downs... those just come with the territory. It's awesome when you make a great play. It sucks to strike out.

But there are some good life lessons in those triumphs and failings.

It's good to get up, practice more, and try again when you don't do well.

Slushies from Sonic frequently make life after a tough loss better.

There's nothing more valuable to a 10 yr old than getting a 50 cent Game Ball in recognition of playing a great game.

This year he's playing Fall Ball too.

The extra practice is a good thing. The games are just for fun... no one really cares who "wins"... it's about getting mechanics right and learning to follow the game a little more closely.

Daddy is assistant coaching. More time with Dad is never a bad thing.

Today will be another milestone.

Today, he's pitching.

He's lookin' more and more like a ballplayer!

I've linked up with Rusti from My Life as an Officer's Wife for her So Happy It's Thursday (S.H.I.T.) linky! If you aren't already keeping up with her, head over there and get to know her STAT. Rusti's one of the sweetest, most hilarious, people on the planet. She tells a GREAT story and is a fabulous Mama to Goose!

Also, you oughta link up a post about why YOU are So Happy It's Thursday!!!


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